MISS Makes Makeup Magic!

As part of your MISS journey, we ensure that you begin to learn all kinds of things about yourself and more importantly that you will master some skills of your own! One of the main areas in presenting yourself for a pageant is well – makeup! How do you put your BEST FACE forward EACH time you appear, in each category, for each look, at every photoshoot! Well be not daunted – here’s how MISS is here to help!

Traditional Makeup – One of your foundational training tenants at MISS Academy, is in Traditional Makeup – liquid foundations, creme contours, loose powders. We give you hands-on lessons, at your own personal fabulous makeup station, with your fully-stocked MISS Makeup kit, so you can get a firm hand on the artistry of making your own face into a masterpiece, the traditional way.

Airbrush Makeup – As an advanced training option, we offer instruction in Airbrush Makeup. Learn how to use professional tools, achieve the perfect foundation tone for your skin, and how to use the airbrush tools to blend your contour and make your highlight stand out seamlessly.

After your MISS training, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to your get-ready routine, adding your personal sense of style and finesse. Whether it’s a casual meet and greet with the girls, potential sponsor pow-wow or final competition night, MISS will keep you confident in always showing up with a face that’s ready to stop the show!

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