Happier Run = Healthier Workout

We all have our workout arsenal and know what works best for us when we want to achieve certain results. Running is certainly one of the most traditional and also effective forms of exercise. For some, it comes as second nature as walking, while for others, ten minutes on the treadmill is nothing short of torture! So for the gals who enjoy lacing up those trainers and hitting the neighborhood streets, local park or even gym track, here are some quick tips that will make your running happier and in turn, leave you with the gift of a healthier workout.

If any of you are part of a runner’s club or know of the running culture, you’d know that while speed, performance, endurance and form is highly valued, kindness, inclusiveness, and encouragement are also of great merit. So whether you’re a competitive sprinter, casual speed-walker or considering a 5k, adding some joy to each step and some smiles to each step, is sure to make your workout a WIN.

6 Ways To A Winning Run

  1. Give A Greeting – a quick flash of your smile or a mini-wave hello is a great way to greet your follow runners as they pass by and maybe even cheer them up!
  2. Partner Up – Get yourself a running buddy, if even for the day – someone who is either faster or slower than you for a new challenge in keeping up with their pace. Conversation is just a bonus with this one!
  3. Sidewalk Cheer – Leave a note in some chalk along the sidewalk. Whether it’s hopscotch boxes or a happy quote, everyone’s loves a little surprise, even moreso one on the run!
  4. New Tunes New You – Switch up your playlist for a fresh injection of audio-inspo! Some new music will get your muscles going to a new pattern and before you know it, your regular course will make you sweat even more!
  5. Team Up – Try joining a local track team or runner’s club so you can find some new trails and get some fresh motivation.
  6. Switch It Up – Doing the same thing for a long period of time can make ANYthing boring. So switch up your run! Try a new trail, reverse the direction you usually run in, head out at a different time of day or just slow it down for a change.

Tell us YOUR favorite ways to keep your run or workout fresh, exciting, challenging yet enjoyable so you feel healthier all round!

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