A MISS Welcome to Wardrobe

Welcome to all things WARDROBE! For Winners that is…

What oh what shall I put together from my cute collection of clothes that will tell the story I want to, today? The answer lies in the magic of Wardrobe Styling! Being able to select a unique combination of clothes, shoes and accessories that are cohesive, complimentary and tell a clear story, is indeed a very important skill. Some people have a natural eye for fashion whole others have to develop theirs, but either way, MISS can help you master your wardrobe for super self-styling every day!

The entry point to your everyday styling guide lies in two factors:

1. Where am I going? and

2. Who will I be there with?

When you’re clear about the kind of event you’re going to – where it is and who’ll be in attendance, you have a clear sense of how to assess your wardrobe choices. Am I going to the store with mom or a birthday party at a friend’s house? These two different scenarios already show you how to choose between a basic tee and jeans or fun summer dress and sandals. Flaunting the perfect accessories will also help you make a statement about your personal sense of style, as well as complete the story that your look is telling!

Competition Wardrobe Styling is a whole other ballgame, but the styling Pro’s at MISS have got you covered!

When deciding what to wear for each competition category, there’s quite the science that goes into finding the perfect garment selections. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or gearing up for our final graduation night, the styling professionals at MISS Academy will assess your skin tone, body type, hairstyle, pageant platform and personal style to put together the perfect looks for your competition interview, evening gown and even fitness category. So for all occasions, onstage and everyday, MISS Academy will give you the tools, tips, insight and full instruction on how to style yourself. Feel comfortable, confident and chic in any combination you put together, as you live a lifeSTYLE of daily wardrobe success!

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