“The Confidence Code” #MISSMustRead

Every once in a while we come across a read which is so good that we believe every MISS would benefit greatly from reading it. So this post is the first highlight of what we like to call a #MISSMustRead. It’s the a book called THE CONFIDENCE CODE by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, with Jillellyn Riley, with illustrations by Nan Lawson. HarperCollins, ISBN 978-0-06-279698-1

New York TimesUSA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

Girls can rule the world—all they need is confidence. This empowering, entertaining guide from the bestselling authors of The Confidence Code gives girls the essential yet elusive code to becoming bold, brave, and fearless.

Yes, we all know that girls are accomplishing things like never before, yet we may not know or realize that they’re all consumed with doubt on the inside. They obsess over their appearance, what other people think of them, whether to be a “popular girl” or a “sporty girl” or a “theater geek” and how many likes and followers they have online.

Authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman use the latest in science and research methodology, as well as proven methods of behavioral change, to reach girls just when they need it the most—the teen and young adult years.

The Confidence Code is a handbook of sorts for building self-confidence directed at young women. The insightful authors discuss ways to override and eventually overcome negative thought patterns through mindfulness techniques and urge readers to be courageous in taking risks, foster positive inter-personal relationships, and to move forward after making mistakes. Confidence, the authors suggest, comes not from being perfect, but from building a strong foundation of self-awareness, knowledge, and resilience—and is a constant work in progress.

Finally this read includes quizzes, real-world challenges to grow confidence, and thought-provoking questions invite readers to apply the material to their own life circumstances, while the illlustrator Nan Lawson’s comic panels and cartoon spot art add humor and visual texture, all making this a true #MISSMustRead

Order your copy of The Confidence Code here.

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