Securing Your Sponsors

Ask any titleholder and she’ll show you how important her sponsors were to her success. Entering a pageant is quite the commitment and can be a hefty financial undertaking. Depending on the scale of the pageant you’re entering and how much of a show you intend to put on, securing sponsors can make the difference between winning and even placing in top ten. Here’s our MISS guide to getting the support you need to make the most of your pageant experience.

1. Start At Home

Do you have any family members or friends of your family with a small business or charity? Checking through your contact book is a great starting point for assessing potential sponsors. Approaching a friend or family member with a sponsorship request is a great way for them to share their personal support in your pageant endeavor while their business also benefits from publicity.

2. Spread To The Community

After assessing those in your inner circle that you can approach, begin to do some research on some of your local shops and businesses. Do a quick search on google maps and check through your local directory listing – there you can find out which business places close to you may be a right fit for sponsorship. Remember that even if they may not have lots of money to give, they may have corporate resources or even products of their own which can go a long way in your pageant preparation process.

3. Open Mind & Closed Platform

Contrary to popular belief, keeping a “closed platform” is key to your success – by this we mean, deciding from early, what your angle and platform is, and sticking closely to that all through your competition journey. With this in focus, guiding your decisions from the beginning, you can now keep an open mind with the way in which you get sponsors on board and the kind of sponsorship you accept. Getting creative can see to it that all your needs are met while sticking to your platform keeps your competition expression clear to the judges.

These are just a couple MISS tips on how to secure sponsors for your competition journey. For this and other unique insights into making the most of your preparation time, follow our MISS Blog!

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