PLUS Size PLUS Confidence!

Models, titleholders, celebrities and women in the spotlight come in all shapes and sizes. In years gone by, the highest standards of beauty were typically reserved for slender physiques, as close as possible to size zero. As times have changed, however, the beauty spotlight has been expanded to include women with a few extra pounds, larger size numbers and grander features!

Over the years, popular opinion has reached the ears of model agencies, magazine publications and fashion shows all over the world as people began to demand more inclusion and representation from those behind the editor’s desk. From Victoria’s Secret to America’s Next Top Model to Vogue, the early 2000’s saw the rise of the plus size model to the forefront of most major fashion publications and stomping down runway shows all across the world.

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So you may be wondering what makes the difference between any heavy set woman and a plus size model? The answer is plus sized confidence! One of the greatest rewards of adding plus sized models to magazine covers and runways, has been seeing the immense joy and confidence that they bring with them to the lens or stage respectively. Beyond “regular” women seeing more of themselves represented in the images and clothing of mainstream media, plus sized models brought along with them a new kind of glow!

So maybe you are plus sized or know someone that is, and you’re interested in modeling or pageants. Know that there is no better time to be a woman that doesn’t fit the mold. Now more than ever, having a body size or body type that is not typical, can actually help to position you well amongst a lineup of others. The key is to know yourself. Make best friends with your mirror so that you know your body shape and type – what’s conventional, what’s unique and how to play up the positives while downplaying the distractions. 

Ashley Graham, Superstar Plus Size Supermodel. Image courtesy ELLE Sweden

Knowing yourself and your body is also the key to making your confidence match your cup size! This will allow you to use your body in ways only you can, to give a performance that can’t be matched. Finally, this will also guard you against the naysayers who may want to critique your cuteness. The more in touch you are with yourself and the more comfortable you are with the parts of you that make you different, the easier it becomes to ignore cheeky criticism. It all goes to show you can’t do PLUS SIZE without PLUS CONFIDENCE!

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