Reign and Religion

Do you have your eyes set on the crown but worried that your religious devotion may get in the way? Well we’re here to tell you that it’s 2020 and there are many ways for you to execute your reign while still upholding your religion, without ever compromising on your core beliefs!

Pageants were created to celebrate both the inner and outer expressions of beauty for women all around the world. In this arena for celebrating women, there is now even more space for women of unique backgrounds who may not have been put at the forefront before, due to mainstream beauty standards. Now more than ever, in pageants all around the country, women of varying religious and cultural identities are encouraged to show up and show out in the highest regalia that represents their true selves to the fullest extent, even if this defies the typical norms. We are now in an era of pageantry in which cultural authenticity can actually gain you the highest scoring points.

Various independent pageants of today have now given Muslim women, particularly those who wear the hijab, the chance to compete, without having to compromise their faith. Also on the side of mainstream pageants, we have seen representation by Muslim women who have worn their abayah (a loose, robelike dress), burkini (a swimsuit that covers the whole body), and a modest special occasion dress that isn’t too tight fitting.

So to all communities of women who may have previously felt like their faith was a hurdle to achieving pageant excellence, the good news is that it can now be your stepping stone to stealing the spotlight! At MISS Academy, we encourage all young women of all religious backgrounds to bring their authentic selves to the table so we can primp and package you to be the queen that the world is ready for. That’s how MISS does REIGN and RELIGION.

Mariam Hussein backstage at the Miss Muslimah Pageant 2020. Image courtesy the New York Times

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