Mindset Prep The MISS Way!

At MISS Academy, we know that the key to success is confidence! Whether you have your eyes set on the crown or another major life-goal, our focus is on giving you the tools, training and tips of wisdom to make your dreams a reality. While we offer this training in our Academy courses and activities, we wanted to take some time on this blog to give you some insider’s insight that you can take with you forever.

When considering all the aspects of preparation that go into a pageant, many young women think that it’s all in the external elements. They are tempted to believe that once they LOOK their best, everything else will fall into place and the win is in the bag. Unfortunately, that approach all comes crumbling down under the backstage pressure of the pageant night!

The truth is, your most powerful tool in competition is your mindset!

Getting your mind in the right framework will take you further than you might think and can also help compensate for any other areas of your presentation that may fall short. Competitions can be very stressful as by nature, they are based in comparison. So the temptation is always there to evaluate yourself based on what you see in your competition and then position yourself in accordance with your assessment. This is where many young women begin to falter. The truth is that when competing, you must know that your only true competition is yourself!


With that in mind, we encourage you to get grounded in you! Take the time to journal through your pageant preparation process so you foster more conversation with yourself. Write out your hopes, dreams, your fears, even your insecurities. When you have an emotional day, take it out on the page and trust that you are enough. Take time to slow down from the hustle and bustle of social media and your daily life and put some of that busy energy into yourself.

Finally, we encourage you to include some form of prayer or meditation practice into your daily life. This will allow you to release all those thoughts that are cluttering the way forward and connect with your inner source of renewal. With your new found clarity, your mind will be at easy and ready to charter any course that’s before you… especially your competition! That’s how MISS does MINDSET!

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