Self Care For The Soul

Hey you! When was the last time you took some time for yourself? Like really took some time to do nothing but treat yourself to the things that make you feel great and replenish your spirit and soul? Do you even know what those things are?

That’s a great place to start! Think about the last time that you did something by yourself and felt really great about it. Maybe you had a spa day? Maybe you got your hair done? Maybe you went shopping? Or maybe you just soaked in a warm lavender candle-lit bath for a couple hours while listening to your favorite songs!

While these are great ways to relax, selfcare can also look like baking a cake from scratch, calling a friend, or even going to see your therapist. Lots of times, we ignore the importance of mental health and forget that while it’s great to treat and pamper the body, sometimes our mind and emotions need pampering too!

As you spend more time with yourself, learning your body’s rhythms and signs. Knowing when you need rest, or exercise or just a scoop of ice cream are all ways to practice self care. Bask in your beauty, knowing that when you kindle your inner glow, your outer radiance becomes brighter!

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