MISS Nutrition in the Holiday Season

The holidays are here and so it means our tummies are really close to our hearts at this time. But no one loves the new year’s blues of feeling like you have to start over your entire fitness regime from ground zero. So we have put together a couple tips and tidbits to keep your tummy smiling while keeping you trim and in top nutrition.

Portion control – we all know it… It’s family gathering time and you are faced with a table-long spread of scrumptious options – each of which you want a taste of! But a packed plate means a packed tummy can work against your favor when trying to keep your metabolism running at optimal levels. Try a smaller plate size to help you portion control and remember you can always go back for a bit more!

Select your sweet splurge – being specific with what you choose to splurge on can help you spend less time counting calories and more time catching crumbs! Maybe it’s some scrumptious desserts or bubbly beverages that bring you joy? By choosing your cheat meals and fun feasts, you can feel free to indulge and truly enjoy it, as you don’t have to keep tracking your sugar intake! So select your splurge and enjoy your sweets as you deserve!

Keep it moving – yes yes, a couple days of comfy blankets, binging Netflix on a sleepy sofa are just what the doctor ordered! But don’t let 2021 find you rolling off the couch and onto the floor… Make some time to keep yourself moving, even if you’re giving your workout routine a rest. A stroll in the park or at-home yoga class or even a few flights of stairs, are just enough to keep the blood flowing, the muscles active and the pesky pounds in check!

So now that you’ve set up some nutritional structure to your holiday plans, it’s time to focus on the fun of it all, knowing that the new year won’t come along with any regrets! That’s how MISS does nutrition in the Holiday Season!

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