Don’t Be Afraid To Go Nude!

Are you familiar with the term understated? In the halls of every fashion designer, magazine editor and photographer extraordinaire are buzz words which they hope to emulate through their greatest work. And you might be surprised to find out how many times the word “understated” comes up.

This refers to the element of surprise through simplicity. Whether it’s styling with a simple black dress, or a sleek bun, or using natural lighting for photography. Many times, stunning imagery is achieved through the stripping down of the extras and presenting the most bare form. This is especially true in achieving a “nude makeup” look.

The term “nude” here, aims at suggesting a face which has no makeup and is “all natural”. We understand, however, that because of the bright lights and sensitive lenses used in photography, presenting a face without any makeup won’t result in the desired effect. This is where the term “nude” was born. It’s a style of minimal makeup, aimed at presenting an even skin tone, outlining the classic features of the face and ensuring the model comes across as accessible to the viewer.

We encourage young women to employ a nude face, not only in their everyday life, but also in professional shoots. With the right styling, lighting and accessories, nude makeup will serve to enhance your look way more than elaborate glam. So be encouraged that your natural features are your strongest and keep this tool in your beauty arsenal as you prepare for your next pageant!