Embracing Your Features

Many times, the stereotypical world of pageants, combined with the monster of social media can make for a messy self image. Through our pageant training, we recognize that many young women come to our doors, hoping to be transformed into someone else, whom they deem worthy of praise and admiration. We take the opposite approach, however, as we understand that true transformation comes from within.

In the first instance, we have young women that come along with a combination of natural features that are not typically seen through the lens of beauty. From varying hair textures to prominent facial features, even disproportionate body types, these are the traits by which they assess themselves and discard their beauty. Here is where we challenge the status quo, as beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Particularly for women who exist outside of the typical conventions, your advantage becomes in learning your features. Finding the best way to package yourself, understanding what to enhance versus what to downplay and finally, falling in love with your mirror, will elevate your self confidence even further than any compliment could.

In the second instance, there are young women who have quite the conventional features, however they’re not accustomed to packaging themselves, and so they don’t see their own potential. Sometimes, it takes changing the way you wear your hair or switching up the wardrobe style that you’ve grown accustomed to, or even learning new makeup tricks,that form the key to enhancing your beauty. We’ve seen this countless times through our signature MISS Makeovers in which young women are able to see themselves presented in a way that they never imagined, only using the transformation tools of makeup, hair and wardrobe styling!

So whether you’re ready for a fresh look, or yearning to find your light, it’s important to know that 90% of the journey is internal. Learning to see your beauty as you are naturally is the biggest hurdle you’ll ever have to overcome in your self-confidence journey. MISS Academy is here to walk alongside you while adding the extra magic that you never knew possible!