Fear Not: Conflict Ahead!

With all that’s happening in the world today, it’s easy to get caught in the fray of conflict and sometimes, we might even find ourselves getting lost in it. From online arguments to in person disagreements, the question arises: how do we hold onto our own personal beliefs and convictions while navigating peacefully with those around us who may or may not agree.

Let’s begin here: Convictions! Such a heavy word that might invoke feelings of discomfort. But why should it? We all have beliefs and our own moral compass and from there, it’s important for us to explore and get familiar with our convictions. What do we believe about different topics in the world. How do we feel about it and beyond that, what’s the core issue that’s being challenged and what’s our personal stance on it? The important part is remembering that this is personal and it’s up to only – you! So find where you stand on a matter, and then stand by it! That’s what makes a conviction.

After you’ve landed on how you feel about something, it’s important to know how to navigate persons who may not agree with you or may even hold the opposite view to yours. These may come in the form of comments on an online post of yours, or conversations with friends or even family. Conflict is a natural and healthy part of life, but the way in which we navigate it is what makes us stand out and above the rest!

Always remember that the same way in which you are entitled to your own opinion and belief about a matter, is the same way that others are. Your freedom to choose your belief as well as to state that belief in a respectful manner is also the same freedom that those around you hold – that’s the beauty of America! Here’s where listening becomes important. Even if someone doesn’t agree with you, listening to their point of view may challenge or inspire something in you, which doesn’t have to equate with you changing your opinion or compromising your belief.

We can all engage in health debate and conversation around the topics that we believe strongly about without having to agree on them. It’s this passion and freedom that makes us all a community of active and concerned citizens and may even lead you to being the difference you want to see in this world – one conviction at a time! – That’s how MISS resolves conflict!