Food Fun!


Have you ever heard of a food journal? Well one of the best ways to keep track of your nutrition and fitness is to know the history of what you’re putting into your body so you can tell how it’s working for you! Creating a food journal allows you to document what you had for each meal / snack of your day. You can do this in the form of a physical book which you write in at the end of every day, or some people do it on their phone! You can create a folder of notes just for your food and simply snap a pic at mealtime, and you can collect them in these notes. If you’re an Insta-foodie this becomes even easier!

Documenting your meals is a great way to create a history of your nutrition consumption over a period of time. This can come in handy if there is a nutrition goal you’re trying to meet – for example you may want to gain muscle alongside your training regimen. Or maybe you simply want to track how certain foods like gluten or dairy or sugar affect your system. In this case, at the end of each day, you can add a note about how your body felt throughout the day – energy levels, gas, headaches, tummy bloat etc. 

Finally, there is usually so much guilt and shame surrounding our eating habits that you should be intentional when creating this journal. Don’t view it as a way to ensure that you’re sticking to the course as this may bring along a sense of guilt and shame and even punishment, when you may not be pleased with what you’ve been eating. We should take this practice as another form of self care and view it as an invitation to deepen your conversation with yourself around your nutrition. The more information you have, the more you empower yourself to reach your goals and gain control over your nutrition journey.

A happy tummy is a healthy body so let the good times roll and document them with joy and gratitude for every nibble and sip! That’s how MISS makes food fun!