03.04 5 Steps To a FAB First Date

So you’ve gotten past the instagram likes, awkward hellos, exchanging digits and maybe a call or a few? The day is here, he’s all that’s on your mind and we know all too well that those four letters – DATE – can be a girl’s best friend and worst enemy. So to help you conquer your cold sweat, here are five tips to take your date from frazzled to fearlessly fabulous.

“Because let’s be honest, all you need is a bit of glam”


Looking your best means feeling your best, period. And let’s be honest, we don’t need an excuse to turn up the glamor, but what better reason than a date to unbox those shoes and unwrap that new lip color. But be careful not to over-glam, keep it occassion appropriate. Coffee or ice cream can mean casual chic, while dinner downtown means deck the halls by all means. Stay true to your style and add an extra touch of sass to make your first impression memory-worthy.


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A little bit of preparation can go a long way to keep the unexpected in check and leave you and your date uninterrupted. From allergy tabs to antacids, tampons to touch-up essentials, think through your adventure in advance and pack a couple of tools to keep the curveballs in check. A munchie or two might be a life saver in long lines too!

… Just a little. Whether it’s coming around the corner or stepping onto the sidewalk, entrance is everything. Now don’t make him miss the movie, a few minutes is enough to make a pleasant statement. But the waiting doesn’t stop there. Keep your conversation cute but not too chatty, so he has to wait for date 2, to know more about you!


Leave the gum at home, silence your cell, ditch the diva persona and kill him with kindness, even if things aren’t going too well. You look great, you’ve made a great first impression, now it’s time to show off what a MISS is made of. Navigate that table and don’t neglect your napkin. If it wasn’t obvious before, by desert time, he’ll know you’re a class above the rest! 


It’s a few minutes before you guys meet and this is your time to slay. Ignore those insecurities, silence the stress from your day, forget about the other dresses you tried on, don’t worry if your hair is right for the occasion. Its time to leave it all behind and fuel the flame of your femininity. You look fierce and you’re a complete package. BEST NEWS EVER? At the end of the night, you can choose whether he’s a #fav or just another #fan. 


So the next time you have the opportunity to take a chance at the dating game, use these tips to help you make the most of it – like a MISS. Your next trip to dinner and a movie can mean a future “I do” … or even just a summer boo! We like those too 😉

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