Electives :: BELT OUT


It’s time your shower-singing days came to an end. No longer will your talent be washed down the drain along with your shampoo. BELT OUT is here to help you smoothen those scales, tighten that trill, clarify those lyrics and send your voice soaring through the air waves. Whether you’re the next Country Swift, Pop Knowles or even Pretty Minaj, this elective will help you step out of the shower and step up to the mic as your BELT OUT your best tune yet!

Age Groups: 13 – 17 & 18 – 27  Class size: 10 students


  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Vocal warm up exercises
  • Vocal technique for various musical genres
  • How to find your unique voice as a singer
  • How to brand / package yourself to suit your voice


  • Recording studio sessions
  • A professionally recorded cover song
  • A music video of your recorded cover song

Materials Needed

There are no additional materials needed for this course.

Additional Costs

There is a styling fee for your video shoot which includes makeup, hair styling and wardrobe styling.


Girls will have to attend an audition in order to be accepted into this course. We do this to ensure a higher standard of training and to appropriately group girls according to their level of training / experience.