Electives :: SWEAT


Is it time for a change or maybe a challenge? Whether you’ve never spent time in a gym before, or you sport your workout bag more than your purse, SWEAT is guaranteed to whip you into MISS shape. This elective guides you through a focused workout and dietary regime, professionally tailored to suit your physical needs. No matter what the scale might read, we’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s all in the sweat, baby!

 Age Group: 13 – 17 and 18 – 27  Class size: PRIVATE


  • Proper warm up and cool down techniques
  • Effective workout structure
  • Cutting edge workout routines
  • The science of Nutrition and Dieting to achieve specific results


  • A personal trainer
  • A personally tailored diet plan by our Certified Nutritionist
  • Progress tracking through weekly weigh-ins
  • Results-driven classes 3 days per week

Materials Needed

MISS Fit workout apparel.

Additional Costs

You will be advised on a full dietary plan for the duration of the Elective. While it is not mandatory that these foods be bought, it is suggested that the plan be followed as strictly as possible, so as to achieve the maximum results. There is also a $75 gym maintenance fee for the duration of the elective.


You must have a doctor’s note stating that you are in adequate physical health to participate in physical activity of this nature.