Are you currently the Director of a pageant or interested in becoming one? Take your pageant from a hobby to a full time business. Make well into 6 figures with insider’s insights into this proven business model from the Director of the Miss Houston Pageant and founder of MISS Academy, Crystle Stewart-Sebrechts. You’ll also receive invaluable MISS materials that will relieve the stress of reinventing the wheel, so you can make your Pageant happen sooner than you think!


Crystle Stewart
pageant director


kent parham
Pageant producer


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social media expert






  • Learn how a successful Open Call with great energy, high attendance and positive engagement is the key to getting girls locked into your pageant experience.
  • Surprisingly, Mall searches can yield great results for your recruitment process, once done right. Find out how to add this to your recruitment tool kit.
  • Finally, get the finesse of follow-up. Even with a great Open Call and recruitment drive, it takes a few steps of follow-up to keep girls engaged and ready to follow through with their commitment.


  • Get the how-to on training girls in the core areas of pageant prep: Makeup application, Hair styling, Walking the runway and Interview skills. This will elevate the level of your final pageant presentations while positively impacting the lives of the girls.
  • We’ll show you how auxiliary activities like yoga, community service, spa day or even a movie night can upgrade the pageant experience that you offer.
  • Find out how to provide a photoshoot experience fit for the stars including a visual overhaul and leaving your contestants with a professional headshot for the pageant and beyond.


  • Staging an elegant yet effective Pageant set is an art by itself. Learn the do’s and don’ts of setting up your stage to meet the requirements while keeping it regal.
  • You’ll also need to have concrete choreography to ensure that the presentation of contestants is flawless and gives your audience a great show.
  • We’ll show you the keys to writing a great script that keeps the show flowing smoothly yet allows your hosts to engage with the audience and contestants in a way that makes for a memorable night.


  • Get paperwork templates for Sponsorship Packets. These will protect your interests while giving you a proper framework for making requests.
  • Open Call Packets will include templates for all the necessary paperwork that you’ll need potential contestants to sign at their Open Call. This includes everything you need to know about your pageant and more.
  • Also get a Contestant Handbook template which includes everything your contestants will need for the duration of their pageant preparation time. Simply make the content applicable to your pageant as the framework has already been done by us!


  • A major perk of this seminar is that you receive a copy of the official MISS Academy pageant website template. This will allow you to get your very own pageant website up and running in no time. From People’s Choice award to online judges form, this website template has it all!
  • This will include setting up your own online Shop where you can sell any items from training tools to pageant programs.
  • We also assist with banking setup so that your website and shop will be fully integrated with your financial institution to make sure your funds transfer smoothly.


  • We’ll show you how to maximize all of the marketing outlets available to you, to get the word out about your pageant to as many people as possible. This includes traditional media, social media, word of mouth etc.
  • Find out how branding can make or break your best efforts and the core principles to catching the attention of your target markets and getting their engagement to translate into commitment.
  • Budget basics will give you a sense of your financial needs while showing you how cutting certain corners can mean splurging on other details for the max possible return.


  • We’ll walk you through the how-to on selecting appropriate sponsors for various aspects of your Pageant as well as approaching them in a way which positions you both for success!
  • Finalize a Prize Package that’s truly pageant worthy! Your prize package is one of the factors which can secure your contestants’ commitment, so get the scoop on securing sponsorship that will make your prizes truly worth it for your winners and future contestants alike.

We welcome you to a weekend of insights and guidelines which can set your pageant onto a path of success from your Open Call to Final Night! We also supply materials that take the guess-work out of your keys to greatness.


Will hotel arrangements and transportation be provided?

No. You will be responsible for making your own accommodation and transportation arrangements. We will, however, provide you with an information packet on reliable options for local transport and accommodation.

What do I wear?

We ask all participants to dress in all black business casual wear.

What is the cost of the Director's Debrief?

The MISS Director’s Debrief costs $4,800. This includes all materials including collateral templates, website template and setup, and all additional resources. Payment plans are also available.

Are there any age requirements?

Yes, our Director’s Debrief is only available to ages 21 and up and you must be a current or aspiring Pageant Director.

Are guests allowed?

No. If you would like to bring a guest, they must register as an individual participant also.

Where is the Director's Debrief held?

The Director’s Debrief is held at MISS Academy – 1111 Uptown Park Blvd. Ste#12, Houston, TX 77056.

Where can I get more information on the Director's Debrief?

Once you are registered, you will receive a fully detailed informational packet on what to expect, what materials are included and other details about the event. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.