• 1
    What is the concept behind ‘A Crystle Stewart School’?

    A Crystle Stewart School is a modern-type finishing school, adapted to the needs of this generation, and outfitted with some extras. It’s the cotillion of the 21st century. It’s a platform for girls wanting to get ahead of others and be prepped for real life! After many years of red carpets, diplomatic meetings, photo shoots, and business endeavors, our Founder Crystle has learned how being well rounded in certain life­ skills and social graces can get you closer to success. She specifically designed a one stop learning destination where girls can get hands­ on training in everything they don’t typically learn at school or at home, all taught in a fun and trendy environment; ultimately redefining femininity.

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    Is this a 'REAL' school?

    Yes, we are very real, but we are not a traditional school and do NOT offer instruction in academic disciplines. Simply put: we don’t have grades, pop quizzes or report cards and we leave the Math, Science, History, uniforms, prom and P.E. to the public and private schools. We do hire professional instructors who are ‘experts’ in their respective fields, such as etiquette, hair-and makeup, cooking, etc. You will nonetheless end up our signature ‘MISS Program’ with a graduation and fabulous makeover!

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    If I don’t want to enroll in a full program, can I take private lessons in some of your courses?

    We understand that enrolling in one of our programs isn’t an option for some, so we do offer private lessons, based on availability. For more information, contact our Admissions Director here.

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    Why do I need to send in a pic with my application? Do I need to look a certain way in order to be accepted into the Academy?

    By no means. At MISS Academy, we have an open door policy and encourage girls of all kinds. We ask for a pic for verification purposes and that upon being accepted, our team can begin to prepare for your image consultation. As a general rule, we also love a great selfie, so feel free to flash your best smile!

  • 5
    I have 2 daughters I want to enroll, do you have special rates?

    Yes we do! Click here for more info.

  • 6
    Who will be teaching the classes?

    Team MISS has handpicked expert instructors that fit our vision and mission. We require continuous training for our instructors to be informed on the most up to date trends in their respective fields. 

  • 7
    Can males attend?

    No. Every detail of MISS Academy has been inspired by and designed for females. This time, it’s all about the MISS generation!

  • 8
    How many students do you have per class?

    We keep class sizes to a maximum of 10 students.

  • 9
    Can my training go towards my school credits?

    Not at the moment, but we’re working on it!

  • 10
    How do I register for a program?

    Fill out our application form here and you’ll hear from us soon!

  • 11
    Do I have to apply in order to attend workshops?

    Our workshops are open to the public and there is no need to apply. Simply reserve your seat for the workshop of your choice here and we’ll see you then!

  • 12
    May parents stay in the classroom?

    No. Although we appreciate parent involvement, our programs are designed to promote independent learning and socialization. Parents are not allowed to remain in the classroom or lobby area during program hours. No worries, we’ve got it from here!