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It goes without saying that the concept of a “MISS” really needs some further “eh hem” … #explanationPLZ! We get it. So to help you further break it down, we’ve decided to #HASHMISSOUT



We believe that a MISS is well mannered and knows what’s appropriate. She isn’t dry or boring, she stands out for all the right reasons. Her ability to work the room is seamless, no matter the occasion. She can dine with the President or chill with her chicas.

#modern #motivated #majorleague 



You know a MISS from the first glance. She’s unique, polished and flaunts her statement of self with sophistication. She’s authentic yet unabrasive. Her posture is on point and fashion on fleek.

#iconic #individual #intellect #insightful 



A MISS ALWAYS STUNS. She holds her individuality closest to her and dresses in the very best version of whatever look she’s in the mood to serve. You recognize her at the grocery store and she’s not too basic, not too bold. You saw her at the party and her dress was a #FAV. She walks into the room and you sit up to take notice. But you don’t envy her because you know that the best view is the best you, too!

#style #smart #sexy #strut #serve



The mark of a woman is the measure by which she has impacted the world. And a MISS is serious about her success. She sees her future, it shines bright and she will claim it. Her excellence is intimidating and greatness is in her legacy. She knows that her only competition is herself so no matter what the task, A MISS MUST KILL IT.

#straightalker #slay #sophisticated #superwoman 



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So this is what WE think of MISS. But a MISS is also what you make her! Comment below to let us know which # feels like you or how you would #hash #MISS out!



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