Nothing says “home” to MISS Academy like a multi-room facility that’s elegant, functional and modern, all in one. And that’s precisely how we describe our Flagship Academy – “ALL IN ONE”. We’ve packed a fully-outfitted hair and make up studio, a compact yet functional wardrobe suite, fabulous runway room and much more into the Academy. Based in  Houston’s  trendy Uptown Park, MISS Academy fits right in with design to inspire, equipment to educate, and an extra touch of luxury, just cuz!

Flaunt your freshly flat-ironed hair, over to your professional makeup station then pick up a scarf in the MISS boudoir, before stomping the catwalk, and you haven’t left the Academy yet! We have designed a space, specifically with young women in mind, where they can feel safe to be themselves, challenged to learn new skills, creatively re-fueled and are ultimately inspired to become their very best self. Browse the pics below to get a taste of the Academy or schedule your tour now!