home of miss

Nothing says “home” to MISS Academy like a multi-room facility that’s elegant, functional and modern, all in one. And that’s precisely how we describe our Flagship Academy – “ALL IN ONE”. We’re packing a professional kitchen, hair salon, gym, student lounge, make up studio, formal dining room, craft and sewing suite, dance studio, full-length runway and much more into the Academy. With our sights set on Houston’s trendy neighborhoods and shop-worthy areas, the Academy fits right in with design to inspire, equipment to educate, and an extra touch of luxury, just cuz!

Walk out of your dream walk-in closet, through your professional chef’s kitchen while picking up a scarf in the fashion design studio, before stomping the catwalk, and you haven’t left the Academy yet! Browse the pics below to get a taste, but the tease won’t last for much longer. Keep in touch with MISS so you’ll be first to experience the wonder of what you’ll want to call your second home.

Our Location