makeup mastery


DESCRIPTION: During your personalized lesson you’ll learn the fundamentals of skin and makeup prep, gain experience on a wide range of makeup products and tools, step-by-step guidance on creating your makeup look from natural to glam. Explore personalized techniques for custom and corrective makeup and have all of your makeup questions answered while receiving expert advice.


  • Skin and makeup prep basics
  • Hands-on product and tool experience
  • Versatile makeup looks, natural to glam
  • Custom and corrective makeup techniques
  • Expert answers and professional advice

DURATION: 90 Mins.


AGES: 15 & Up

TUITION INCLUDES: A follow along worksheet with step by step guides for your lesson.

WHAT TO BRING: Any personal makeup, makeup brushes and products, as well as note-taking materials.

LATE POLICY: We do not allow late arrivals of more than 10 minutes.

DETAILS: Once you purchase your lesson we will use the email provided to keep in touch with you. Be sure to check your inbox for updates.



Eileen Sandoval is an accomplished Makeup Artist with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Talented, experienced and motivated Eileen is known for her ability to capture and highlight an individuals natural beauty and create a radiant flawless look. Her professional skills cover all aspects of media makeup including, television, print, bridal, red carpet and editorial. With a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge, Eileen has made time over the years for private lessons for her clients as well as experience teaching at a prominent makeup school.