03.01 Our new website is up!

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Hi there! We have been buried in DIY worksheds, couture closets, kitchen chaos, beauty backyards and etiquette escapades, digging up ALL the latest tips, tricks and don’t­-do-­it’s, and we’re finally ready to announce the launch of our Blog ­- MISS Musings!

We’ll be talking everything MISS! What’s trending on social media and how can you express your opinion without offending anyone? Whose red­ carpet flair best suits yours? When talking foundation, is liquid or creme best for your skin type? Grooming gripes and questions answered!

Look out for all these topics and more as Team MISS continues to mine for the latest gold on everything from beauty basics, life­hacks, kitchen quick­fixes, hosting how-­to’s, manners mistakes, nutrition and fitness knowledge, polished presence and the art of all around elegance!

More MISS on the way!



MISS Musings

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