Shoulders back, chin up, hands on your hips, and … WALK! We’ll show you how to execute a runway walk that can compete with any supermodel and mix it up with innovative poses that make a statement. Strut your way in silent confidence to the top and always walk away a winner.


Nervous, palms sweating, unsure of what’s to come? We’ll teach you talking points that go over well and what could be the minus on your interview score sheet. Be up to date on current events, prepped on pop culture and master the interview techniques to make the real you memorable.


Rise above the mundane competition and be a master at manipulating your hair to make a statement! Learn how to prepare, moisturize, and maintain your natural hair, as you also master heated styles, up-dos, extensions and more that’s guaranteed to make your mane the main event!


Each face is a unique canvas and there is an artistry to applying makeup. From foundational skin care to the finishing touches like lashes, liner, and highlight, we will teach you all the layers to prime, primp, polish and present your best face, that’s pageant-picture-perfect every time!


Navigating new social situations can be stressful, even you’re usually a pro at socializing. We take the guesswork out of interacting with guests, whether it’s in a formal dinner or just sending emails. Learn the ins and out of Dining, Social and Online Etiquette for the 21st century MISS!