Personality Enhancement


D E S C R I P T I O N : With the perfect hair and makeup, a glowing gown, stellar interview and overall stage presence, you still have one area which can make the difference between a praise-worthy package and crowning glory. It’s your personality! Even if you do all the right things, it’s through revealing who you truly are that will make your beauty stand out and it’s never too late to polish your personality to a shine!


  • What exactly is a personality
  • Getting to know yourself – the good the bad and the ugly
  • Getting perspective on your personality type
  • Which traits to downplay and which to push forward
  • Simple steps to improve your personality


T I M E : 11:45AM-1:15PM

L O C A T I O N : MISS Academy

A G E S : 13 – 27

T U I T I O N  I N C L U D E S : All materials needed for the duration of the class.

W H A T  T O  B R I N G : A notepad, headphones and compact mirror.

C A N C E L L A T I O N  P O L I C Y : Sorry, we do not issue refunds. Transfer of class enrollment is not allowed once class is purchased.

L A T E  P O L I C Y : In order to remain as fair as possible, to all attendees, we cannot allow late arrivals of more than 10 minutes.

D E T A I L S : Once you pay for the class, we will use the e-mail provided to keep in touch with you. So please keep that in mind and check for update

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