03.02 Ready, Set…Read!

Do you ever hear people talking about a “good read”? What exactly makes up a “good read”. Is it the author? Is it the characters? Is it the story maybe? Well, why settle for just a good read when you can have a MISS Read! So what makes a “MISS Read”? Put simply, we see books as an experience, not homework. Is it the time and attention we take in selecting unique books that open you up to a world you never knew but always wanted to? Is it the experience of talking to your friends about what chapter you’re on and how you can’t wait for what’s next? Is it begging your MISS classmates to use spoiler alerts? Or maybe it’s all of the above and we just know you best.

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Join us once a month for MISS Read – an online book club where we launch a new reading experience at the beginning of the month and host a live chat discussion at the end of the month, with update discussions in between. Brace your heart for intense passion, bitter beautiful love, dicey drama, uplifting trials and even some learning lessons. Try as you may, we still know that the MISS Read experience is unlike anything you could prepare for. So why not just join us. Look out for the launch of our first ever MISS Read, coming your way soon! And remember, no spoiler alerts!


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