DESCRIPTION: Does what we wear really matter? Learn from celebrity wardrobe stylist, author, speaker and tv fashion contributor Jen Principe, how to maximize your opportunities and enhance your life experiences through your wardrobe choices. Why what we wear has a powerful impact on our lives, and can help us step out into the world feeling more confident and self assured. Get ready to discover one of your most powerful tools in your tool box, and begin to transform your life from the outside- in.


  • Why first impressions matter
  • Creating a memorable “cover”
  • How color can open doors for you
  • How to find your unique style
  • Best fashion investments
  • Elevate your style through the use of accessories

DURATION: 90 Mins.


AGES: 16 & Up

TUITION INCLUDES: Shop like a pro and closet questionnaire PDF”s.

WHAT TO BRING: Pen & Paper

LATE POLICY: No late arrivals allowed.

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jen principe

Changing lives through the power of clothing. Jen’s empowering work in fashion has been featured on Hallmark’s Home & Family, the Associated Press, and Inside Edition. In 2021, she was featured as a top celebrity LA stylist on Inside Beverly Hills (BBC Network). She has styled for major magazine publications and highlighted for her work in the industry. Jen has been a host on KTLA’s “How to Be Your Own Personal Stylist” and is a frequent contributor for Good Day LA on Fox.   In her role as a public speaker, Jen teaches the power of personal presentation and how to use our gifts to be of service. She is a wife and mother of two boys and is the author of A Common Thread: A Fashion for the Soul Book.