Design a curriculum around your passion and teach how you want


Set your own schedule that fits your lifestyle


Teach as many classes as you like at whatever price you like 


Focus on teaching what you love and we handle the rest 


Adrienne Blanks
Business Consultant

Ann Matias
Health & Life Coach

Jennifer Principe
Fashion Stylist

David Weincek
Actor & Communications Coach

“Thrilled to guide every woman on our platform towards a winning mindset, mastery over emotions, and the power to manifest their envisioned goals. Remember, you hold the strength to transform your reality, regardless of life’s hurdles.”

– Heather Nickel, Transformational Life Coach and a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

“As a former Miss World Canada and an Emmy Nominated TV Host for over 25 years, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my life’s work and expertise with with so many young women who want step into who they truly are on camera.  I have put my heart and soul into my courses and I’m very excited to share everything I know!”

– Tanya Memme, Award Winning TV Host 

“At Alchemy Consulting Group, we believe in the magic of potential. Together with MISS Academy, we’re crafting online training experiences that don’t just educate but transform, urging each individual to tap into their unique genius and fully realize their unparalleled capacities. The learning opportunities bridge today’s dreams and tomorrow’s accomplishments.”

– Arquella Hargrove, Chief Culture Officer at Alchemy Consulting Group

“Teaching at MISS Academy has been a joy for me! The flexibility to tailor my classes around my busy lifestyle is a game-changer. Drawing from my own life, I translated my expertise as a working model into a curriculum that covers everything runway. What truly warms my heart is helping build the confidence of incredible women who are all on a journey to elevate themselves.”

– Diana Hare-Ganchev, Runway Coach 


We welcome organizations to join the MISS platform and expand your reach beyond your office doors and local network. Whether you’re a business consulting firm, a makeup and hair team, a mental health establishment, a fashion school, or any other company, joining the MISS community allows you to connect with a global audience and expand your network exponentially. 

Requirements to join as an organization: 

  • Hold a business entity license (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC, INC, etc.).
  • Have at least two instructors above the age of 18 who will teach on the MISS Academy platform. 




At MISS Academy, we offer a comprehensive platform that enables our instructors to effortlessly organize, promote, and conduct classes online and in person. Our offerings include:

  • Beautifully designed online listing for your classes
    Access to the MISS community of eager learners
    Secure and seamless online payment processing
    An integrated video chat platform and messaging system
    Responsive support through chat, email, and phone

We have streamlined the logistical aspects, from scheduling to payment processing, allowing you to concentrate on crafting an exceptional learning experience for your class. Curate your class…show up, and we’ll handle the rest! 

We strongly encourage you to teach classes centered around topics you are passionate about and have expertise in, preferably those you have taught previously. On our platform, we welcome classes covering numerous subjects and formats, that fit the MISS Academy brand. We cater to females ages 16 and up. From confidence-building workshops to effective communication strategies to goal-setting techniques to makeup and hair lessons, let your skillset and imagination flow when it comes to the topics you cover. 

We advise that you offer a diverse range of classes, including workshops which are typically 1-2 day lasting approximately two hours to a full day, Programs which are longer, more in-depth classes over a period of 4-8 weeks and Private lessons, which are one-on-one sessions that are 1-2 hours long. You can also offer classes on a routine, consistent basis on a certain day and certain time every week. These core formats are flexible, and you can choose what best fits your teaching style and class offerings. 

Individuals of all genders, aged 18 and above, are invited to become instructors at MISS Academy. Formal teaching credentials are not a requirement with MISS Academy. We firmly believe that numerous adults possess the ability to offer enriching classes based on their personal experiences, passions, and hobbies. However, we will review expertise as related to your chosen class content. It is essential instructors undergo a criminal background check before the start of your first class. 

MISS Academy typically requires a teaching credential or specialized degree only in specific situations. In the majority of cases, if you possess the necessary experience and passion, you are eligible to teach. Your Experiential Knowledge encompasses your unique personal identity, significant life events, or deep dedication to a personal interest or passion that you have invested substantial time in. 

Online classes are taught directly on the MISS Academy platform, which is powered by Zoom
and includes features like chat, messaging before and after class, and the ability to send and
share documents. For in-person classes, the class location will be made available on our
platform and shared through email confirmation after the class is purchased.

We are running a promotion through May 31st which makes joining our platform FREE! We operate on a service fee/commission basis, meaning we only earn when we successfully bring customers to your classes. You maintain complete control over the listed price for your classes and the maximum number of participants. Once your class commences, you will receive payment conveniently through our payment portal. 

Certainly! Our Content Management team can help curate and develop topics for your classes. They are available to guide and support you in brainstorming the best topics and pricing to ensure your class offerings are successful on the platform. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for any help or guidance you may need throughout the process! 

Join us at our next Open Call to learn more about the MISS Academy platform and joining the MISS Community as an Instructor or email us at hello@missacademy.com. 


Join us at our next Open Call to learn more about the MISS Academy platform and joining the MISS Community as an Independent Instructor or Organization. All Open Calls are via zoom. RSVP at hello@missacdemy.com to receive the zoom link.



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