setting boundaries for a sustainable lifestyle


DESCRIPTION: In our fast-paced world, maintaining balance and prioritizing what truly matters can often feel like an overwhelming challenge. This workshop is your essential guide to regaining control over your life and crafting a future that aligns with your deepest aspirations.


  • Understand the importance of boundaries in maintaining healthy relationship and personal well-being
  • Learn to make decision in alignment with your values and long-term objectives
  • Cultivate resilience and the ability to bounce back from setbacks
  • Walk away feeling empowered and ready to create a life aligned with your priorities

DURATION: 60 Mins.


AGES: 15 & Up


WHAT TO BRING: Pen & Paper

LATE POLICY: In order to remain as fair as possible, to all attendees, we cannot allow late arrivals of more than 10 minutes.

DETAILS: Once you purchase your lesson we will use the email provided to keep in touch with you. Be sure to check your inbox for updates.



I am Ann, certified Health and Life Coach with a Mastery in Transformational Coaching Method. Over the years, I have helped empower hundreds of professionals throughout the world to become better version of themselves. My proven system and strategies help them create lasting habits and maintain a sustainable lifestyle so they can experience happiness and success in both personal and professional life. I believe that we are meant to thrive, not just survive in this life, and that we all deserve health and true happiness.